“Uncontrollably Fond” star Bae Suzy has been speculated of cheating on her boyfriend Lee Min Ho with her ex Sung Joon. However, everything seems to be just the stories by the rumor  mill as it has been found out that  Miss A’s idol Suzy’s relationship with Sung Joon is  completely different from what we think. The reality is here.

The photograph of Suzy and Sung Joon, seen on the Twitter account of the Korean actress are not recent ones. It appears that they were clicked when the two were still together and even before Suzy and Min Ho entered into a relationship.

Movie News Guide  stresses that there is no break-up and there is no scene of cheating. Previously, the fans have seen that Sung Joon and Suzy have always insisted that they are nothing more than good friends.

Other than Sung Joon, there is one more actor who was also being blamed in this rumored split. He is Suzy’s previous co-star Kim Soo-Hyun. Rumors of the two having an off-cam relationship based on their awesome chemistry in the drama “Dream High” also resurfaced recently, Yibada reports.

Relevant sources said that she can relate to her character very well, who was someone who lived for others despite having to make sacrifices, but after going through some things, she changed after a reality check.  This statement of hers made her fan believe that the on-screen pair definitely have something going on.

There is one more side to the story which adds fuel to the fire.  These days the celebrity pair (Lee Min and Bae Suzy) is not spotted much with each-other. Sadly it has taken the whole confusion to a next level. Their public appearance now is limited not due to any relationship issue. The two are currently tied up with their professional commitments.

The actor has an upcoming movie titled “Bounty Hunters” that will be released this July 1, while the upcoming drama series of the actress will premiere this July 6.

Lee Min Ho and Bae Suzy are yet to comment officially on the issue. It looks like that the pair is more focused on their projects than the issue at present.