British Prime Minister David Cameron wants Muslim women to learn English to become “more resilient against” ISIS ideology.

The British PM was speaking to BBC Radio 4’s Today program where he blamed a certain section of the Muslim male population in the country for fostering segregation by stopping women from learning English. Cameron, however, believes there is no “casual connection” between following extremism and not speaking English.

“But if you’re not able to speak English, you’re not able to integrate, you may find, therefore, that you have challenges understanding what your identity is and you could be more susceptible to the extremist message that comes from Daesh,” the British PM said while using a pejorative term for the terrorist group.

Cameron has launched a language fund worth £20 million ($41 million) for women to form community integration. He said failure to speak fluent English might risk their stay in the country.

According to the new rules, people will have to pass a test to prove they are trying to improve their English skills. This is applicable to those coming to the United Kingdom on a five-year spousal visa. They have to take the test after two years and a half.

Cameron said the government would have to take a “tough” decision to send them home. “It is not enough just to say the government is going to spend more money and it is our responsibility,” he said. “People coming to our country, they have responsibilities too.”

In an article on The Times, Cameron said he would not “let women be second-class citizens.” He said the idea of “One Nation” would materialize by “forcing all migrants to learn English and ending gender segregation.”

The British PM slammed the practice of open discrimination against women. He criticized religious councils for preventing women from leaving abusive marriages.