“League of Legends” next patch is coming.  Patch 6.6 is almost around the corner and it brings a lot of noticeable changes to the Rift. There will be some very obvious nerfs to come to our favorite champions but these nerfs will obviously be useful in balancing the game.

One very notable nerf in “League of Legends” would be how our favorite junglers would approach the jungle. We’ve seen a great buff for Master Yi’s damage this patch in exchange for not buffing his other stats. Shyvana’s Twin Bite has been nerfed to minimize its damage early game. She is too strong in the previous patches. Nidalee has always been one of those annoying junglers you really have to avoid. Her Hunt mechanic now doesn’t root monsters and it doesn’t cancel her auto attack animation. Runic Echoes also received a huge damage nerf upon proc. Khazix has also received a great cooldown buff for his Q and W. This allows him to be more useful in extended team fights and make his wave clear faster.

Enough about the junglers though, in even greater news, we will be expecting the Dragon that replaced Ao Shin: Aurelion Sol. This amazing and unique midlaner makes his debut on the Rift. The first actual dragon to fly through the Rift’s sky will dominate as the all new Crowd Control and AoE damage master.

Kalista has been hit with an attack speed nerf. This makes Kalista very vulnerable when fighting alone. However, she now passively gains attack speed when her Oathsworn ally is nearby. There is also a slight damage nerf to her W’s passive.

For botlane, Alistar has been nerfed to heal his allies less when he uses his Triumphant Roar. Janna’s Eye of the Storm now grants less attack damage to her shielded allies and her Monsoon disable for a shorter period. If you want to see the complete patch notes of “League of Legends,” click here.