Remember the countless times wherein a celebrity was caught off guard by paparazzi and TV reporters? With LAX Airport’s new terminal, celebrities and famous personalities can now avoid the prying eyes of the media.

As reported on The Guardian, the Board of Commissioners of the LAX Airport approved the airport’s proposal to build the “Los Angeles Suite.” The special suite will exclusively cater to the rich and famous. With the approval, it will temporarily operate in a remote cargo office for six months.

To be able to use the new airport facility, guests will pay around $1,500-$1,800 per trip.

What are the inclusions and services?

Celebrities, famous personalities and diplomats can enjoy the exclusive lounges with “dedicated catering.” The terminal also has its own security and border checkpoints. And when it’s time to board the plane, they will be “directly driven” to their flight.

Airport officials said that the new terminal is a “cost-effective solution.” The new airport facility will allow guests to save thousands of dollars from renting a private jet.

Moreover, the LAX Airport promises that guests will only walk 60 steps to reach the plane from the street. This is a relatively small number compared to the 2,200 steps that they need to walk via the public terminals.

Deborah Ale Flint, executive director of Los Angeles World Airports, said that the new terminal is a win-win situation for celebrities and the general public. Celebrities can enjoy their privacy while the general public can avoid “media scrums.”

The site mentioned that security firm Gavin de Becker & Associates will build and run the new terminal. At 43,750 ft, the LAX Airport’s new facility is expected to bring an additional revenue of $3.7 million in its first year of lease.

If the project becomes successful, de Becker mentioned that they would also introduce such facility in New York’s JFK and probably in San Francisco, Miami, Chicago and Dallas.

The LAX Airport’s new terminal is not the first in the world. According to The Wall Street Journal, VIP terminals already exist in airports located in Amsterdam, Dubai, London, and Paris.