If an actor is one of the main characters of the show, he usually survives the trials that he faces in every episode. But during the Law & Order: SVU season 17 finale, the show made the most jaw-dropping storyline to date. Fans were treated to a heartbreaking ending, leaving them to wonder what was the reason behind killing off Sgt. Mike Dodds.

Sgt. Mike Dodds, played by Andy Karl, was one of the most known characters in Law & Order: SVU. Considering the fact that he is a main character of Law & Order: SVU, fans expected to see him until the very final episode of the show, whenever that might be. But that won’t be possible anymore.

Law & Order: SVU made a shocking twist by killing off Sgt. Mike Dodds in the season 17 finale! Surprisingly, Andy Karl freely accepted the fate of his character.

“This it is for me,” he told E! News. “I said goodbye this morning to Mariska, as far as Sgt. Dodds … This character has really gained a whole bunch of knowledge and helped out so much with SVU. Then to have a tragedy ripped from the precinct will affect everyone’s character. So really, my character will initially affect and move on.”

Showrunner Warren Leight wants to leave the show with a bang and he absolutely did it at the expense of Sgt. Mike Dodds. He explained to The Hollywood Reporter why he chose to end the finale that way.

“I’m keenly aware that some fans felt a lack of closure in other departures on this show, so I tried very hard, whether it was Munch or Cragen or Amaro or now Dodds, to make sure that there’s a real understanding of his arc out the show,” Leight says. “I didn’t want a cliffhanger for the finale because it’s not fair to the departing showrunner to take everybody to a cliff and then let the new team mop it up.”