After Nathan Drake’s story ended in Uncharted 4, fans turned their attention to other projects by Naughty Dog. The sequel to their 2013 release, The Last of Us, is a popular subject of rumors. Among the latest of these rumors tackle The Last of Us 2 release date.

A Vine Report article projects that the sequel may come out in early 2017. It cites fan theories and the Easter egg drop in Uncharted 4. According to reports, a seemingly unassuming poster in the game depicted a pregnant female wearing a gas mask.

Fans believed that the girl in the poster is Ellie from The Last of Us.

Last of Us 2 release date possibility

How does this Easter egg then point to a release date?

According to Vine Report, there’s a potential that the developers are already working on the project. Although word on The Last of Us is scarce, the Easter egg possibly hints at the ongoing efforts of Naughty Dog.

If this is true, then The Last of Us sequel can come out as early as July 2017. Still, it must be noted that these information are merely speculations. Without any official announcement from Naughty Dog, these are simply rumors. Hence, readers should take this with a grain of salt.

Meanwhile, aside from the game’s release date, other possibilities are also making the rounds.

Vine Report details that one of these possibilities is the game’s VR compatibility. The source also projects The Last of Us 2 as a PS4 exclusive. Considering that the first installment was also only available to the PlayStation, this isn’t entirely news. However, it would be interesting if it was the other way around, where the sequel rolls out for the Xbox One or PC.

At this point, anything is possible with The Last of Us 2. Despite fans wishful thinking, the devs could not be working on the sequel at all.

Check back for more rumors and updates on The Last of Us 2 release date and other factors.