Following their completion of “Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End”, reports are claiming that video game company Naughty Dog will now prioritize “The Last of Us 2”.

“The Last of Us: American Daughters” can be seen in a poster that appears as an easter egg in the epilogue chapter of “Uncharted 4”. It caused quite a stir for gamers and most especially for the “Last of Us” fans. The poster portrayed a woman with layers of clothing, a gas mask, and a revolver, in an apocalyptic scene.

Theories have been circulating about what “The Last of Us 2” may have in store for gamers. As put by GameNGuide, what the poster suggests is that this second game may either be a prequel or a sequel to the first.

One theory says that the woman in the picture is actually Ellie from the original “Last of Us”. She has definitely grown up  and might even be pregnant. The theory suggests that  Ellie is fighting to survive not only for herself but also for the unborn child, which explains the gas mask.

Another theory says that the woman’s pregnancy has to do with a prequel of “The Last of Us”. Contrary to the first theory, this theory revolves around how this woman may be Ellie’s mother. Following that idea, “Last of Us 2”, then, may be a revealing story as to how Ellie became immune to the infection.

No theory has been set in stone. What fans can be sure of is the actual existence of the game.  

According to Gamerant, video game voice actor Nolan North has confirmed of a “Last of Us 2” in the works. During a Q&A portion at MetroCon in Florida, a fan raised a question regarding any future projects with Naughty Dog. North answered that “Uncharted 4” may be his last project with the company for the time being. However, unrelated to “Uncharted 4”, North also mentioned in his reply “I know they’re doing a Last of Us 2”

The game is said to be released by late 2017. However, fans would definitely love to get a hold of this game as soon as possible.