Months after its season 2 finale, “The Last Ship” is coming back with an all new season. The show will kick-start the season with a two-hour premiere. Here’s what we have from the trailer.

With the world on its knees begging for a cure from the global pandemic, the Nathan James crew sails into danger as five of his men gets captured. Will the new President Michener uphold his new status? Has a new mutated virus from Japan spread? What exactly happened to Rachell Scott?

According to Deadline, following the cliffhanger finale of the previous season, Chandler (Eric Dane) finds out that the Chinese have created a cure for the global pandemic. He then commands the crew of Nathan James to set sail to Asia to further investigate even with rumors going around that Japan may have been hit with another possible virus mutation. Chandler has then been dubbed as “Noah” thus the ship, “Noah’s Ark”.

According to, the show was based on William Brinkley’s novel “The Last Ship”. The book focuses on a worldwide catastrophe from a global pandemic.  During the virus’ spread, the Nathan James,  a Navy destroyer U.S.S. was in such a position that the crew did not fall victim to the virus. But they can’t hide forever as Captain Tom Chandler will have to face reality where they may be the only survivors.

“The Last Ship” series have cast actors from different popular TV shows, namely: Eric Dane (from “Grey’s Anatomy”) as Captain Chandler, Bridget Regan (from “Agent Carter”) as Sasha Cooper, Marissa Neitling (from “Leverage”) as Lt. Kara Foster, and many more, as per IMDB. The show also has Michael Bay, director of the “Transformers” franchise, as one its executive producers.

“The Last Ship Season 3” premiere will air on Sunday, June 12.