John Kasich, GOP frontrunner Donald Trump’s last standing rival in the race for the Republican candidacy, has dropped out, leaving it on Trump to unite the party now highly divided on his White House bid.

The decision to quit came after Ted Cruz dropped out of the race on Tuesday after the Indiana primary that recorded a resounding win for Trump.

“I have always said that the Lord has a purpose for me as he has for everyone,” the CNN quoted Kasich as telling reporters in Columbus, Ohio. “And as I suspend my campaign today, I have renewed faith, deeper faith, that the Lord will show me the way forward, and fulfill the purpose of my life.”

Kasich has only won in his home state but he was hoping to lobby for his candidacy in July’s convention. However, even before he won in his home state Ohio, he was already under pressure to drop out. His campaign only focused on stopping Trump from securing the 1,237 delegates needed to win the Republican nomination before a contested convention.

But quitting was not immediately on the Ohio governor’s mind. He already had fundraisers scheduled in the Washington area for Wednesday. He seemed to have a change of heart when he boarded a flight at the Columbus Airport. Kasich made the plane taxi back from the runway and called up four of his closest friends saying “My heart is not in this.” To this, his friends advised him to follow his heart.

Trump, meanwhile, is closing in on the nomination with a strong lead. The Never Trump campaign also failed to create much impact on Trump’s progress towards a plausible victory in securing the GOP nomination. Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton is likely to be his opponent in the presidential elections in November, the BBC reported.

In a recent interview, Clinton described Trump as a “bully” and a “loose cannon.”