A man who was caught having sex on a Las Vegas fairground ride had been gunned down just weeks later in a carjacking.

Twenty-seven-year-old Philip Panzica was shot dead after he left a strip club in Houston, Texas. Police informed that he was driving with his fiancée, Mistie Bozant from the vivid club where she works when the incident took place, reported The Sun.

Apparently, Bryant Christopher Watts and Aaron Jones, shot Panzica and dragged his body onto the street and fled in his car.  Twenty-eight-year-old Watts and 31-year-old Jones were in the club with Panzica. They accompanied the couple and got into the back seat. The girlfriend sat in front next to Panzica. Watts then pointed the handgun at Panzica and shouted, “You need to come clean.” He then shot at the victim several times.

Both suspects allegedly snatched all  money from Bozant and ordered the fiancée out of the car. They then drove away in the black Kia Sorrento.

Later, both were arrested after a car chase. Watts confessed to the murder and carjacking, reported news.com.au. Both the men are in jail now on a capital murder charge.

One of Panzica’s relative reported that he has a 3-year-old son. Panzica made headlines in February after he was caught and arrested for having sex on a Las Vegas Ferris Wheel. Panzica, at that time, told authorities that he had sex with Chloe Scordianos, whom he met down the Las Vegas strip. He admitted that he did so after getting into an argument with his girlfriend.

Police said that the couple were smoking cigarettes and refused to put their clothes on despite receiving two intercom requests. Rather, they continued the sexual act. Court documents stated that some riders in a nearby glass pod took video of the act. Their high jinks were also captured by surveillance camera.

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