Labour MP Sue Moroney has been criticised for her attack on an anonymous Kyle Lockwood Flag supporter on Twitter. Moroney has apologised after attacking the owner of a Waihi beach home for flying Kyle Lockwood Silver Fern Flag.

The Hamilton-based MP has to apologise after being disciplined by Labour leader Andrew Little. Little called the comment “ill-judged and inappropriate.”

The controversy arose after Lockwood design failed to defeat the current flag in the final battle of the country’s flag referendum.

On Monday in a twitter post, Moroney shared a picture of the beach house and commented, “Just ‘ is you own a flash beach house doesn’t mean you get to decide our flag.”

The National Party MP Chris Bishop was one of the people who criticised Moroney for her post.

He said, “this really is an extraordinarily mean-spirited and stupid tweet.”

Criticism did not just come from the National party MP but there were many others who did not like Sue’s post and criticised her for it, reported

Meanwhile, the Labour MP said that her remark regarding the beach house was not hypocritical. She also claimed that her post was misinterpreted. However, she did not explain what she actually meant, reported

A family member of the beach house owner claimed Moroney’s comment upset them. The family member did not want to reveal her name.

The anonymous family member said, “her judgement came across badly and we did not appreciate having photos of our property published online simply because we had a different opinion on the flag choice.”

She also contacted Andrew Little to share her concerns. Consequently, Moroney apologised to the family and deleted the post as requested.

Moroney  said, “ I just apologise for it and move on, because I have come to parliament to debate issues of real relevance and so it’s a side issue, I don’t want it to overshadow all of the important issues that we’ve got in front of us.”

Nevertheless, Christopher Bishop has not found Moroney’s apology satisfactory.