Villarreal is coming to play in the next Champions League. After winning 2-0 against local rival Valencia on Sunday, Villarreal has secured one of the coveted spots in La Liga. With this win, they are advancing to the Europa semi-final league.

Yellow Submarine’s Samu Garcia and Adrian Lopez created important goals helped by Robert Soldado. He was the only striker who was maintained from the previous game’s winning lineup against Liverpool. They opened strong taking control of the game for the majority of the first hour.

Valencia strived to keep a decent and disciplined play to secure the coveted spot off into the Championship league but Villarreal kept them from securing goals, finally arriving at a well-deserved win.

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With Sunday’s win against Valencia, Villarreal now rests with a 6-point lead against Athletic Bilbao.

After securing the Champions League spot, this will be the their second time in ten years. They last reached the league semi-finals last 2006. The team hasn’t reached Europe’s most prestigious football club competition since their quarter-final elimination by Arsenal in 2009, DailyMail reports.

Villarreal coach Marcelino Garcia is ecstatic about the win, saying “We will enjoy what we have achieved today because we have put the finish on an extraordinary league campaign” according to a USA Today article.

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On their website, the team coach states the win as a real success and an extraordinary achievement, making the season unforgettable for all of them.

Garcia was quick to add that qualifying for the big league with players that don’t usually play as much makes him prouder for what they’ve achieved.

Villareal faces Liverpool next time on May 6 at Anfield, Liverpool for the Europa semi-final League, Game 2.

Meanwhile, Valencia is up against Real Madrid next Sunday, May 8 at Santiago Bernabéu, Madrid to redeem their La Liga status.