Kyrie Irving and Kehlani’s recent breakup might not have been as amicable as hoped. The unfortunate allegations of cheating may haven taken its toll on Kehlani.

TMZ reported that paramedics rushed to the R&B singer’s home on Monday. “She wanted to harm herself,” they were told.

The website revealed that Kehlani thought about killing herself following rumours that she cheated on NBA star Kyrie Irving. However, she denies the accusations.

At present, authorities placed Kehlani on psychiatric hold. She will undergo a mental evaluation.

Her newly opened Instagram account has a singular post to date.

However, an earlier post from Kehlani captured by another Instagram account showed her statement about the accusations. A follow-up post from the R&B singer giving thanks was also featured by The Shade Room. Page Six reported on both Instagram posts.

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Meanwhile, many are wondering how her suicide attempt would affect Kyrie Irving who is part of the Cleveland Cavaliers. HollywoodLife noted that his fans are likely curious if he would play in the team’s upcoming game.

The website spoke with an insider gave insight into the matter.

“They’ve got a game tonight and the team wants to win, but completely understand if Kyrie needs to take the night off and be elsewhere than at the arena,” the insider told HollywoodLife.

“Kyrie is a fighter. He will get through this and he has the full complete support of his teammates and coaches,” the insider added.

HollywoodLife also recounted the story that led to cheating claims. According to the website, it all began when a photo of Kehlani holding hands in bed with her ex-boyfriend Party Next Door.

The R&B singer clarified that no cheating took place. She also revealed that her relationship with Irving ended even before the accusations came out.

Unfortunately, Irving became the butt of jokes afterwards. Memes poking fun at the issue went online as reported by Blacksportsonline.

Recent trade rumours about Irving became the talk of the town. The buzz suggested the Toronto Raptors’ intent to “steal” him from the Cavaliers.

Kehlani performed recently at the MTV Woodies last March 16.