Multi-talented Kylie Minogue, 48, has broken up with fiancé Joshua Sasse. She has done so on suspicion over his alleged affair with an actress. The singer reportedly threw her beau out of her house in West London.

A source said that Kylie Minogue no longer trusted Sasse, 29, and was “totally heartbroken”. Hence she broke up with him. Minogue believed that Sasse tried to hide his increasing closeness with 34-year-old actress Spaniard Marta Milans. The pop star, according to reports, asked the British actor to leave the house. Songwriter Grace Barker posted a snap of the Australian celebrity last weekend. For the first time after her engagement, Minogue was seen without an engagement ring.

Kylie Minogue always presented Sasse as the one she would like to spend her life with but the Thursday night incident tells a different story. The pop star’s friends said that it was a very tough time for the artists. She already decided to drop her surname and become Kylie Sasse after marriage. But her suspicion over Sasse cheating her is devastating for her.

“She is absolutely devastated, totally heartbroken,” the source told The Sun. “She really believed he was The One. But she no longer trusts him.”

According to reports, Sasse’s bonding with the co-actress strengthened while the two were shooting for US TV rom-com drama “No Tomorrow” in 2016. The shoot took place in Vancuover, Canada. A source from the show claimed that the duo was close enough during the shooting for a “number of months.”

Kylie Minogue Previous Significant Relationships

Kylie Minogue is known for her high-profile romances. The most popular among those was her relationship with Jason Donovan.  The duo fell in love while filming for “Neighbours” in the late 1980s. Their onscreen wedding aired in 1987. However, the couple parted ways when Minogue ditched Donovan after three years of togetherness and moved on with Michael Hutchence. Donovan expressed his devastation over the breakup.

“It was an extremely painful parting of the ways and, without doubt, I took a long time to recover from it,” Donovan said as quoted by The Sun. “It was bad enough that she’d run off with anybody, but she happened to run into the arms of the greatest rock god of the period, the very guy who I secretly wanted to be.”

However, the relationship of Kylie Minogue with Hutchence did not work as well. The latter left Minogue after two years for supermodel Helena Christensen. However, both of them remained friends until Hutchence’s death in 1997.

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