Has Scott Disick really caused a rift between Kylie and Kendall Jenner? Are they really fighting over their big sister Kourtney Kardashian’s ex?

Quoting a report published in Life and Style, Hollywood Life said the two sisters are stuck in a “twisted love triangle” with Disick in the middle. Kylie and Kendall Jenner reportedly have always had a crush on the 33-year-old dad. “But their childhood crushes turned into more mature feelings,” the source claimed. “They each have feelings for Scott and have developed a rivalry over him.”

The magazine’s source also claims Disick had “mature feelings” for the two girls. “His feelings for Kylie and Kendall are real,” the insider said. “He saw them blossom into these beautiful young women … He’s carrying on with both of them. It is completely wrong. Scott’s known for making a mess of things, but this takes the cake. It’s one twisted love triangle … Scott tried to date Kendall and Kylie look-alikes for a long time,” Life and Style’s source added. “Recently he realised, why do that when he can maybe have the real thing?”

According to the source, Kylie, for her part, “doesn’t see the problem in flirting … with the father of her niece and nephews … There are no boundaries there.” Meanwhile, Kendall is a little bit more cautious. “Kendall doesn’t want to upset Kourtney,” the source claimed. “But if they weren’t sisters, she would have hooked up with him by now.”

Is there any truth to this report? Hollywood Life pointed out that Disick once told his friends that he has slept with Kylie. Meanwhile, Kendall was spotted holding hands with him in Cannes just this May. However, Gossip Cop dismissed the report as “tabloid fantasy … Disick’s relationships with both Kylie and Kendall remain familial, as he is very much a brother to them. That hasn’t changed.”