Are Kylie Jenner and Tyga finally over? The celebrity couple has been hounded by break up rumours for a while now. A good number of girls have come forward accusing Tyga of cheating on Jenner. Has the Lip Kit queen had enough? Is she taking comfort with her bodyguard instead?

According to Inquisitr, Jenner is not cheating on Tyga with her bodyguard. But her fans all seem to think that she should. It all started when she posted what looked like a paparazzi shot of her guard helping her get in her car. It featured Jenner in a super short, suede dress. Jenner captioned the pic with a crown emoji. It has gotten over 1.4 million hearts. Jenner’s body hugging dress looked perfect. But everyone’s focus was on the “hunk” assisting her.



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Fans are going gaga over Jenner’s guard. They are even suggesting that she should ditch Tyga for him. One fan even tweeted, “if this is your bodyguard then what are you still doing with [T]yga?” To which, another fan replied: “Bc Her bodyguard can’t buy her a Ferrari.”

According to Seventeen, this particular exchange drew Jenner’s ire. She fired back, “You act like I can’t buy my own Ferrari. Idgaf about ur money or looks.” Tyga did buy Jenner a $431 thousand (US$320 thousand) Ferrari for her 18th birthday. According to Inquisitr, Jenner has a net worth of around $13 million (US$10 million). Tyga is only worth around $6.7 million (US$5 million).

It was previously reported that Jenner could not break up with Tyga because of “his wild performances in the bedroom.” Kylie also thinks the rapper is The One. She has gone as far as pick out her own engagement ring.

Tyga first met Jenner in 2011. The rapper was invited to perform at her sister Kendall’s sweet 16. Kylie was just 14 at the time.