Whoever said, “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” has yet to meet Tyga. The split with Kylie Jenner might have set him off on a path of revenge. The question is, can the Kardashians bounce back from this latest controversy?

A sex tape of Kylie and Tyga apparently leaked online, Witty Feed reported. It appears the rapper himself uploaded their sex tape online as it was available on his website tygasworld.com and added to the videos section. The sex video was reportedly online for about 30 minutes until it was removed. It remains unknown if Tyga or someone else running his website removed it, the publication remarked.

The chances that someone ripped the sex video from Tyga’s website is a possibility, although it has yet to reappear online, 97.3 FM surmised. Nevertheless, the idea that it’s out there would be cause for alarm, especially if you’re Kylie Jenner, the publication noted.

However, given her lineage, Kylie won’t be silent about it as she reportedly plans to sue her ex-boyfriend for US$20 million (AU$27.3 million) after putting up the video on his site without her permission, Daily Media Buzz revealed.

This wouldn’t be the first sex video rumour to hit the popular couple. Early on in the relationship, allegations that they recorded their love making sessions on film surfaced. The rumours became rampant about their library of sex videos that an adult entertainment company offered US$10 million (approx. AU$14 million) for the collection.

Kris Jenner likely confirmed her daughter’s split from the rapper in an Instagram post. The Kardashian matriarch thanked the men in her daughters’ lives but Tyga’s name wasn’t mentioned. Even Kylie’s former nemesis turned future sister-in-law congratulated her for the breakup. Blac Chyna reportedly told Kylie that, “she’s the winner and that she will be better off with Tyga out of her life.”