Kylie Jenner’s relationship with Tyga has always been controversial. The Kardashians’ youngest sister was only 17 when she first started dating with the then 25-year old rapper. But since her older sister Khloe is cool with it, everything should be fine and dandy. However, Tyga still had to deal with accusations of infidelity for most of their relationship. He has allegedly cheated on Kylie with many “hot young models” — including one who looked like Kylie. What then makes the reality star stay with her beau through it all?

According to a report by, the simple answer is sex.

“It all has to do with his wild performances in the bedroom,” the gossip website detailed. Kylie reportedly “always brags” about her sessions with the rapper.

“When things are good, they spend hours in bed together. Kylie always brags about how long their sessions go, and what great stamina Tyga has. She’s on cloud nine afterwards,”  an insider told

However, their good days don’t always last.

“[B]efore long, something happens, she’ll get jealous or Tyga will do something shady and it will all explode again,” the source said.

A break up doesn’t seem to be on the horizon for the two, though.

“It’s so messed up, but in a sick way all the drama and fighting is making Kylie even more attached to Tyga,” the insider said.

“She’ll get so distraught when she’s fighting with Tyga, it’s like the world is ending, and then, they work things out and have amazing make-up sex and she falls even more in love with him,” the insider added.

The rapper previously confirmed that leaked photos of an erect penis was his. He, however, denies the leaker’s claims that he has been cheating on Kylie with porn star Mia Isabella.

Tyga first met Kylie in 2011 when he performed at her sister Kendall’s sweet 16.