Have Kylie Jenner and Tyga secretly tied the knot?  Jenner and her 26-year old boyfriend have been together for a while now.

According to Inquisitr, though, they haven’t gotten married, the Kardashians’ youngest sister is “focused on her future engagement” with the rapper.  A source told Radar Online, Jenner is “really hoping that Tyga proposes to her on Valentine’s Day.”  Jenner, the source revealed, isn’t even subtle with the hints she’s dropping.

“She already showed him the ring she wants,” the insider added.

Inquisitr reports that Tyga has also spoken about marriage recently. In a radio interview with E! News, he said it’s hard to plan these things.

“I mean we all got to walk down the aisle. I think whatever makes you happy in life you gotta do it. You can’t plan in life too much,” Tyga was quoted as saying.

“I love that girl,” he added.

Jenner, meanwhile, thinks the rapper is the one.

“She is just really convinced that Tyga is the man she is meant so spend the rest of her life with,” the source told Radar.  This, despite new accusations of cheating lodged against Tyga.

According to Inquisitr, trans model Mia Isabella recently posted “dirty text messages” from Tyga on Instagram.

“I can face my mistakes with honesty can you?” she wrote on Instagram.

“I was never checking for you, yet you stayed chasing me like a puppy begging for treats,” she added.

Jenner, said a source, meanwhile believes Tyga is faithful.  “Kylie and Tyga have moved past that whole entire episode,” the insider told Radar.

It was previously reported that Jenner can’t stay mad at the rapper for too long because of “his wild performances in the bedroom.  Tyga first met Jenner in 2011 when he performed at her sister Kendall’s sweet 16. Jenner was just 14 at the time.


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