It seems like the troubles in Kylie Jenner and Tyga paradise never end. Amidst the break-up and making-up reports doing the rounds, now Tyga’s bank- balance woes has surfaced as an issue between the two and it may have been the underlying reason causing all the issues.

According to a report on Hollywood Life, the 18-year old in question has lent Tyga close to a half a million dollars. Reportedly, there have been tiffs between the couple with regards to the amount of money that Tyga currently owes Kylie.

Hollywood Life cites a source “close to the couple,” who shared, “Kylie’s been aware of Tyga’s financial problems since she began dating him.”

The source further added, “Thus far, Tyga’s tab is close to half a million dollars and counting.” and the money could have indeed been “one of the reasons they broke up.”

Apparently, Kylie has been paying for Tyga’s insurance, travel, car payments and more. Even when Kylie talks on the subject, Tyga is quick to remind her that when it comes to true love, money shouldn’t be an issue at all.

Commenting on this, the source shared, “He reminds her that they are a unit, a couple, and…that if she truly loves him, then money shouldn’t matter.”

While Tyga may have to win a lottery to pay Kylie back, he may not be depending on just luck, after all. Could this mean that reports of Tyga demanding over $10 million for the couple’s sex tape holds some truth? All of that riches could definitely help Tyga return the cash back to the younger Jenner sibling.

It is widely known that the couple have been receiving multiple offers to sell their sex tapes online. As reported by TMZ, Steven Hirsch, founder of Adult entertainment company – Vivid, in the bid to convince Kylie said, ”Kim’s sex tape helped launch her career and would be nothing but positive for you.”

Kylie has been trying to emulate Kim Kardashian in more ways than one, but whether she takes the sex-tap route with Tyga, remains to be seen.

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