King Cairo seems certain he is about to be a big brother twice over as he suspects his daddy Tyga’s girlfriend Kylie Jenner pregnant just like mommy Blac Chyna.

Blac Chyna recently went on Snapchat to announce her due date on November 16. Hence, preparations are likely at full speed since they barely have a month left to get ready. Her son King Cairo with rapper Tyga appears to be equally excited for the arrival of his baby sister.

Yet it seems the young man expects more than one bundle of joy to join his expanding family. If so, could daddy Tyga be keeping a secret? Is Kylie Jenner pregnant? However, King Cairo seems to have figured out the logic behind her rumored pregnancy. Moreover, he is not afraid to ask her about it.

“King’s super excited about life right now… He can’t wait for his mother to have his sister. That said, King thinks he’s having more siblings and asked Kylie if she’s having a baby with his daddy. He said to her, ‘I know you and daddy are in love like mommy is with Rob, and they’re having a baby.’ So naturally, King suspects Kylie’s pregnant too,” a source told Hollywood Life.

The reality TV star and cosmetics mogul has yet to confirm the rumor. However, the source added she did find his rationale amusing. Hence, this leads to yet another interesting question. Would she be open to the possibility at such a young age?

Well, apparently she could be. As it turns out, the thought of being a young mom is fine with her. Thus, would a wedding between Kylie and Tyga as hinted early on take place soon? Then again, would Kylie Jenner pregnant happen first before they get to walk down the aisle? If so, are they following in Rob and Blac Chyna’s footsteps?