Kylie Jenner has found herself a safety net in PartyNextDoor. The rapper had been treating her very well and made her feel special and safe after her infamous split from Tyga. So is he now officially her boyfriend?

“Kylie loves putting a label on everything and is calling PARTYNEXTDOOR her boyfriend for now,” a source told Hollywood Life. “It’s giving her the stability she needs right now as she overcomes heartbreak from Tyga, as well as her mom and dad’s split.”

Kylie Jenner definitely had some serious tough moments in her personal life, and it seems like PartyNextDoor is doing something right because he’s making Kylie Jenner smile through the pain.

“She’s still really hurting from [the breakup], but since she has PARTYNEXTDOOR to fall back on she feels safe having him around,” the source said.

Kylie Jenner and PartyNextDoor has been very private about showcasing their affections for one another in public, but in photos obtained by Daily Mail, the 18-year-old reality star couldn’t help herself and sweetly wrapped her arms around the rapper.

PartyNextDoor has had his eye on Kylie Jenner for months now. He reportedly started to pursue her two months ago, while she was still dating Tyga! Tyga and Kylie Jenner are now over, and PND’s finally getting his chance with her.

Since Kylie Jenner and Tyga’s breakup is still fresh, Kris Jenner is worried that her youngest daughter is moving on too fast and she’s advising her to not have a rebound relationship.

“Kris is concerned that Kylie will jump into another relationship just to rebound from Tyga,” the source told Hollywood Life. “She’s really been encouraging Kylie to spend quality time with her sisters and close friends.”

The source added that Kris, “told Kylie that getting into another relationship will just complicate matters. She wants Kylie to just take one step at a time.”