Kylie Jenner’s company came under fire after customers’ personal details were leaked on the internet. Now, many are wondering whether another restock of her famous lip kits will happen or not.

Team Kylie came to know about the leak after customers began to complain about the glitch, Inquisitr wrote. According to TMZ, customers who tried logging in were shocked to receive another existing customer’s details. These included very personal information such as names, email addresses, home addresses, order history, etc. Even after refreshing the page, they website sent them details of another customer’s account.

Kylie Cosmetics solved the issue temporarily. However, if Kylie Jenner wants to continue adding new products, her customers will need to access her website. For that to happen, they must look for a permanent solution.  Also, her products are selling like hotcakes so restocks are crucial to maintaining customers.

Normally, restocks take place on a weekly basis. With what happened recently, it is not known whether a restock would happen or not. The Jenner girl promptly tweeted an apology but things seem to be getting out-of-hand for her as her company landed in another controversy.

Employees of Spatz Laboratories, which manufactures the lip kits, have claimed of worst working conditions. It was reported that the factory made people sick. According to Seventeen, employees revealed their bad experiences on a career site named

“Early morning shifts long hours … was only provided with lab coat, hair net and safety glasses,” complained an employee. “No benefits … I love that I could see how make up was made from start to finished but the down fall is that the make up particles made me cough and sick,” stated the complaint.

Employees also complained of  an unclean environment, long working hours and no personal life. Spatz Laboratories denied the allegations. It maintained that it is an equal opportunity employer. The factory added that it has complied with all the laws and regulations so far.