Kylie Jenner Lip Kits are probably one of the fastest selling beauty items in the market today. Once they become available on Jenner’s website, fans need to order fast. These kits get sold out in a matter of minutes.

According to Hollywood Life, a restock just came and went. All seven shades went up for sale early this week. But they got sold out that same day. When is a next restock for Kylie Jenner Lip Kits scheduled? Stay tuned for updates. If you are in Australia and unable to snag a kit, don’t fret. There are still ways you can take home your very own Lip Kit.

According to Pop Sugar Australia, you have two options if you really want a Lip Kit of your own right now. First, you can shop on eBay. But lip kits there are sold for as much as $340 (US$249). Jenner’s lip kits only go for about $39 (US$29). Secondly, you can hunt for “solid dupes.” Or, as some “beauty junkies” speculate, the “original” lip kits.

Pop Sugar said, there are rumours among online beauty junkies that Kylie’s lip kits are just “repackaged” ColourPop formulas. According to the site, “savvy beauty bloggers noticed similarities” between Jenner’s and ColourPop’s lip shades. “Swatches comparing the sold-out lip kits to the ColourPop shades began to spread around Instagram,” Pop Sugar reported. This conspiracy theory has not been confirmed. However, ColourPop’s Clueless, Limbo and Beeper have been lauded as alternatives to Kylie’s Candy K, True Brown K and Dolce K. All these lip shades are sold for $8.20 on the ColourPop site.

Meanwhile, the Instagram queen is also selling 75 of her wardrobe staples on eBay. Jenner is selling pre-loved clothes and shoes on the online auction site to help a children’s hospital. Items on sale go from $9 (US$7) to about $345 (US$256).