Fans of Kylie Jenner‘s Lip Kits received potentially troubling news today. The factory where Jenner has her Lip Kits made was recently blasted by employees. Has she really been allowing her line, Kylie Cosmetics, to be made in an alleged “sweatshop?”

According to Radar Online, the factory in question, Spatz Laboratories, received terrible reviews from its employees on People claiming to be Spatz employees allege that the factory has a “harmful” work environment.

Spatz Laboratories doesn’t really have a shabby overall rating. It has gotten more than 3 stars. However, their page is reportedly “littered with complaints.” One review from last month read: “A lot of employees, not enough space.” Another read: “long hours, no home life.” Both reviewers called the factory a “sweat shop.”

According to Seventeen, another employee even claimed that it wasn’t the working environment that was making her ill. The employee said, the makeup they produce for Jenner made her sick. “Early morning shifts long hours…was only provided with a lab coat, hairnet and safety glasses…No benefits. I love that I could see how makeup was made from start to finished (sic)…but the downfall is that the makeup particles made me cough and sick,” the employee said.

Not all the comments about the factory were bad, though. An employee wrote that the factory has “a respectful environment.” The reviewer also claimed that “most employees were happy to be there.”

A rep for the factory told Radar Online that they have “always maintained the highest level of standards according to United States labor laws.” Their company, the rep claimed, has even “passed  the most recent…third party social accountability and responsibility audit” just last year. “The ownership and management…takes the health, well-being and success of our employees very seriously,” the factory’s rep explained.