Kylie Jenner got irked because of the use of a body double in a weight-loss billboard.

A fat-loss company has used a lookalike model of Kylie Jenner to promote their band. Making things worse, the company has placed hoardings all over the Los Angeles City over the weekend.  These billboards not only pulled a lot of attention of K-fans but also prompted the reality star to consult the legal expertise.  Captioned as ‘Freeze Your Fat’ the hoardings are pretty deceiving, which make the world believe that band’s product is the key to her curves.

Although the model is not Kylie Jenner, the content is pretty clearly hinting towards her. In short, an attempt to make the world believe she endorses the company. The promotional hoardings placed across the city show a willowy, lingerie clad brunette next to a web address and telephone number for a local company dubbed as

If we take a closer look, we will find out it’s not Kylie but the model on the giant ads holds strong resemblance with the 19-year-old American celeb. As per sources, Kylie Jenner is said to be particularly upset with the model, whose high cheekbones, sculpted eyebrows and fuller lips are almost similar to hers.

In fact, the Kardashians are considering this ad as completely irrelevant. Using a body double of a celebrity could never bring business to any brand. It would rather put a big question mark over the credibility of the company. We hope must be aware of it.

There are also reports, revealing that Kylie Jenner’s legal team is already out to deal with the weight-loss company’s creepy campaign.  None of the parties have officially responded to the reports yet.

Let us Learn How the Twitter is Reacting to Such Gaffe:

Share your views on Kylie Jenner body lookalike weight-loss ad campaign. How justified is it?