The Kylie Jenner birthday celebration offered a number of secrets and beauty tips worth picking up.

The youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner brood turned 19 recently. As expected, the Kylie Jenner birthday celebration did not disappoint. Moreover, it gave fans the chance to pick up more beauty tips and learn big secrets about her.

1. Sheer birthday suit

Kylie Jenner proved her status as a fashion icon. Her early birthday suit seemed to leave nothing to the imagination, yet it certainly looked good on her.

2. Kylie Jenner birthday surprise for fans

The birthday girl made it a point to celebrate with her loving fans. According to E! News, the occasion debuted her Birthday Make-up collection. No doubt, it would also be a sellout like her other cosmetic products.

3. Changing hair color

People described the youngest Jenner as the true hair chameleon. Kylie certainly surprises and delights with streaks to overall hair color changes repeatedly.

4. Embrace a bold lip color

Even at a young age, Kylie Jenner did not shy away from a bold lipstick. Thus, it might have sparked the idea for her much sought-after lip kit.

5. How to strike a pose

She has started to master the art of posing in front of the cameras since 2009. Before the mirror poses that showed a bit of her abs, Kylie sported the hand on the hip pose.

6. A little help from her sisters

Kylie seemed to receive good advice from her sisters when it comes to looking good and fierce in photographs. Hence, it is unlikely she would ever take a bad photo.

7. Kylie Jenner birthday cornrows in red

Hair is a big thing for her. She chose to mark the occasion of her birthday wearing a cornrowed wig in a fiery color. Hence, it would not be surprising to see others following the trendsetter’s glowing example.

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8. Would the Kylie Jenner birthday party include a proposal from her boyfriend Tyga? The intervention of Blac Chyna and Kim Kardashian did not seem to work.