KIIS FM’s Kyle Sandilands and Jackie O Henderson have paid Scott Disick, Kris Jenner and other A-list celebrities to talk exclusively on their show.

Just to give a cutting edge competition, the hosts pay tens of thousands of dollars to celebrities to secure high ratings against their rivals.

“When celebrities aren’t doing promotional interviews … the Kyle and Jackie O show know that their listeners would still like to hear an interview,” said a spokesperson to the hosts.

“There are times outside of a promo scheduled period when certain celebrities may ask for some form of consideration for their time.”

According to Daily Mail, the breakfast radio programme is believed to have paid $10,000 to Carmen Electra to discuss cricketer Shane Warne’s crush on her.

The Daily Telegraph reported that KIIS hosts and their team members pay celebrities to maintain their market. And that depends on how peppery the interview is.

A spokesperson for the show said that celebrity interviews bring a lot of traction and listeners enjoy hearing them chatting with Kyle and Jackie O.

Max Markson, a celebrity agent didn’t find any fault in paying celebrities, rather he said the practice had been going on for years.

“ They are getting exclusive access to stars who aren’t on a promotional tour and instead are booking talent and paying a promotional fee. It is common practice for the TV networks and magazines, and there is no reason why (KiisFM) shouldn’t,” said Markson.

However, rival FM station, Southern Cross Austereo, said that paying celebrity was not a common practice, but it could think of the same depending on the cases.

A spokesperson from another rival, NOVA entertainment, said that the company would not like to engage in such practice.

“It’s not costing Kyle and Jackie O any money. It’s costing the networks money and they are happy to pay for it because of the benefit (across the network),” said Markson.