Scientists have now found that Resting bitch face syndrome is for real and there is a logical reason to explain it. Celebrities like Kristen Stewart, Victoria Beckham and even Kanye West, who are accused of always giving a bored, non-smiling expression are often termed as having a Resting bitch face.

According to urban dictionary, “a person, usually a girl, who naturally looks mean when her face is expressionless, without meaning to” is said to be suffering from Resting bitch face. Two Netherland-based scientists have used a computer software to analyze the faces of celebrities like West, Stewart, Anna Kendrick and Queen Elizabeth II, and other notable public figures, who have been known to occasionally wear a “throwing shade” at someone kind of expression.

The study, which was conducted in October 2015 by scientists Abbe Macbeth and Jason Rogers from Noldus Information Technology, found out that celebrities who had such bored or mean looks were showing underlying levels of emotions that are not seen in people who don’t have Resting bitch face.

The scientists used a company’s FaceReader software to find found out why people associate certain faces, usually female, with the resting Resting bitch face. Rogers and Macbeth found that the program read the neutral faces of people with Resting bitch face with twice the amount of hatred of people without the phenomenon.

“FaceReader is not detecting enough contempt to reflect true contempt, because these faces are not actually displaying contempt,” Macbeth told The Washington Post. “It just looks like contempt to the viewer. Thus, it is the perception of that unconscious, subtle contempt expression that defines RBF.”

The scientists also found that the popular belief that Resting bitch face is more common with females is also not true. The phenomenon occurs naturally between both the sexes.

According to MTV News, the software not only analyses celebrities but common people too. So if you are one of them who is accused of looking mean or having a Resting bitch face get it checked. Click one of your most “neutral” facial expressions and email it to He will tell you the results.