Kourtney Kardashian is the all new global ambassador of Manuka Doctor skincare products.The 36-year-old wrote on Instagram “Sooooo excited to announce that I’m the NEW ambassador for Manuka Doctor skincare! Check out my video on @ManukaDr.” She covered herself in the golden glitter to promote the product.

Manuka Doctor is a UK-based brand which sells products made from beehives in New Zealand. It has all natural products from bee and has a patented Purified Bee Venom. Manuka Doctor is currently sold in 12,000 stores across the globe, including CVS in the United States, the press statement said.

“When we heard that Kourtney was a fan of our products and a believer in our brand philosophy and approach, we knew that she was the ideal choice for our global ambassador,” stated Claire Perry, of Manuka Doctor. “Her track record of believing in natural products that are backed by science, along with her position as a pop culture icon and committed mom, makes her incredibly relatable to our consumers worldwide.”

The owner of clothing line Dash and mother of three would also join in the marketing activity to promote the products across the globe. Her partnership will continue for two years and starts in April 2016.

Her own mother congratulated her on Twitter.

Lover of natural products, Kourtney has even built a website introducing all eco-friendly products.#BeeingKourtney #SkincareFromTheHive” is the hashtag which the company is using to promote the products People reports.

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“I have been a fan of the Manuka Doctor honey line for many years so when the brand asked me to be their global skincare ambassador, I couldn’t have wished for a better partnership,” Kardashian said. “As fans of my show have seen, I am an advocate of products that use natural ingredients. I am incredibly excited to have this opportunity to work with a brand I believe in and introduce it to my fans around the world.”