A bodybuilder was whacked with a fine worth $300 in court on Wednesday after he got involved in a shirtless street brawl last month in Auckland, New Zealand.

Twenty-two-year-old Joshua Antonia Lepage, who also works as a professional trainer and has his own personal training business, was filmed tearing his shirt off and threw several punches during the brawl.

Although he claimed that he was only trying to protect his girlfriend when the March 20 brawl took place, Lepage pleaded guilty to fighting in a public place before the Auckland District Court.

Lepage shared that the video of the brawl ruined his reputation as a bodybuilder and professional trainer and has received tons of “hate mail” since the video was released and went viral online. His lawyer went on to add that his client suffers from anxiety and depression and the release of the video and the attention he has received from the media only made things worse for him.

However, the magistrate Diane Hale quipped that Lepage should “take a good look at himself” and that she hopes they will no longer have to see him in the courtroom again, according to Yahoo! 7 News.

In the video brawl, two men can be seen beating each other up savagely in the middle of a street in Auckland. Lepage and another man went back to the other group and appeared to have restarted the fight after it seemed to have already ended.

Later on, Lepage is filmed shirtless and coming face to face with another man off to the side of the street fight. A girl, believed to be his girlfriend, can be heard screaming “Josh, leave it! Josh!” as he continues to punch the man on his head and back.

As the girl tries to calm Lepage down, another man swoops in, grabs her and throws her on the ground. By the end of the video, Lepage is scared off by four people after confronting one of the men. Three people ended up getting confined as a result, according to the Daily Mail.