Sparks were flying in “My Kitchen Rules” episode 23 for two reasons: Rosie and Paige with their Middle Eastern food and Monique and Lauren with word war 2.

Rosie and Paige call their restaurant Big Grub and start with preparing the dukkah. “We have not got enough done in prep time,” says Rosie when guests start to arrive.

All the other contestants were on the table when Lauren and Monique start arguing again in reference to the previous episodes throwdown.

Lauren mentioned about smelling a fight then explains to Monique that her remarks from last night’s dinner were not an attack on her.

According to the Syndey Morning Herald, last episode’s dinner is where the two exchanged vicious remarks.

“You were being attacky. You were getting a bit aggressive and you’re raising your voice,” said Monique as reported in

Monique then started shouting and putting other contestants in an awkward situation of not knowing how to react to the situation. The fight continues where Monique then accuses Lauren of “giving her daggers,” they argue some more until Lauren vows to revenge on Monique during her instant restaurant.

The judges arrive and the food is served. The two cooks start talking about their food and added that they made tonight’s dishes with love. The judges and other contestants think it’s good and this is where Rosie starts crying.

While preparing the food in the kitchen, things are heating up at the dining table as Lauren and Monique continues the hostility.

Main course is served where Rosie said she’s not happy with it but judges quickly consoled her and said the main course is great and she starts crying again upon hearing this.

Dinner was orange cake and ice cream where Rosie and Paige had a hard time with the ice cream. While having dessert this is where Gareth snaps, who is usually quiet, and says, “Shut your stinking traps, Monique and Sarah, and crawl back under your bitter little rock.”

At the end of the dramatic and action packed meal, Alex and Gareth gave a ten, Carmine and Lauren a seven, Monique and Sarah a six, Nev and Kell gave five and Hazel and Lisa gave the lowest score for the nigt which is three.

The scores given by their co-contestants and the judges gave Rosie and Paige a total of 79 putting them at the top of the leaderboard.