The “Spice Sisters” Tasia and Gracia Seger won the “My Kitchen Rules” Grand Final last night. Post “My Kitchen Rules,” the sisters, encouraged by judge Colin Fassnidge, are now working on a line of sauces. Will he be their first customer?

Tasia and Gracia were fan favourites to win “My Kitchen Rules” and they did not disappoint. The sisters are now working on their line of bottled sauces to be sold in Australia. reveals that the Spice Sisters’ first offering of peanut satay sauce will be followed by many others.

They want to popularise street Indonesian food in the country and also have a sauce business. They got the idea for bottling their own brand of sauces from fellow contestant Jordan Bruno. The idea was also encouraged by judge Fassnidge, reveals He told the pair that he already sees their “faces on a bottle.”

He added that they did not need the prize money to start the sauce empire either. “Guys you don’t need $250,000, you open a sauce factory and you’ll be loaded because I tell you, I’d buy it,” he told them.

Tasia and Gracia have proved that they are the undisputed queens when it comes to balancing the spices. Their five-course finals menu packed the punch while offering a peek into the culinary culture of Asia. Despite the chillies, their entrée, mains and dessert earned perfect tens from the judges.

“The show’s given us a bit of a boost. All our efforts are going into that at the moment,” informed Tasia. Daily Mail informs that the girls are working hard to get things in place. “We didn’t expect we would make it this far in the first place, so we are going to give this journey 100 percent,” said Tasia.

“We are working on our sauces because the judges always complimented us. We’ve finished the logo and we have the sauces ready, so after the show we will sell them online,” she added.