“My Kitchen Rules” contestant and lawyer Zana Pali and husband Gianni made it to the top five yesterday. However, all the stress and pressure are getting to them as Zana revealed that she is suffering from chronic pain and exhaustion.

The race to top five has taken its toll on Zana. She has been suffering from stress, chronic shoulder pain, and exhaustion. The 25-year-old lawyer recently revealed that there were times when she almost collapsed on the sets, informs News.com.au. “I was so tired and stressed all the time, I can’t even explain it. Whenever we had some stress, I would drop four kilos in, like, three days,” explained Zana. “It was crazy. There were days I literally forgot to eat, it was that stressful,” she added.

On top of all that, Zana has also been suffering from excruciating physical pain and has resorted to physical therapy and cortisone injections to keep her in the competition. Despite being all strapped up after her shoulder collapsed, she still has not given up.

Yesterday, Zana and Gianni, like the others, were saddled with an unlikely set of ingredients that they had to use in a “rapid cook off” challenge, states News.com.au. Despite the pain, they breezed through the challenge. Teams that made it to the top five include Anna and Jordan, Mitch and Laura, Zana and Gianni as well as Tasia and Gracia. The two weak teams, Chris and Cookie and Carmine and Lauren had to fight tooth and nails to “sudden death.” The winners joined the top five as the fifth team.

Carmine and Lauren wowed the judges with their white chocolate and raspberry tart. “Your pastry today was sensational,” said judge Pete Evans. “I enjoyed your white chocolate mascarpone filling inside the tart. Raspberries on top were fresh and dusted with the raspberry sherbet. Nice little addition — made it a little bit playful on the tongue,” he added. Their dessert won them a place in the top five.

Now, only five remain in the race to win the $250,000 prize. Gladstone Observer states that they will be returning to their homes to host the ultimate instant restaurants to impress the judges and win “My Kitchen Rules.”