Season 7 of “My Kitchen Rules” (MKR) is making progress. We’ve looked at the first round of Instant Restaurant contestants. We’ve looked at the second round of Instant Restaurant contestants. Now, it’s time to reflect on what the third round of Instant Restaurant contestants – Colin Fassnidge and Rachel Khoo’s secret group – has taught us.


  • Eve & Jason (Soulmates):

Eve and Jason are a totally loveable team. After they gained a rather average score, they said, “We’re not gonna worry about our score. If everyone else cooks better than us then they deserve to be here.” The lovebirds clearly have one of the best attitudes that this show has seen.


  • Carmine & Lauren (Couple)

When Carmine and Lauren suspected that they had been victims of strategic scoring, Lauren told the table, “I think there’s quite a lot of people around this table that everyone should be watching out for. The team taught us to not be afraid to call people out if the need arises.”

  • Mike & Tarq (Father & Son):

Mike and Tarq taught us not to take things too seriously. They provided their guests with pairs of thongs because they wanted them to “just chill out.” They’re also constantly cracking puns and dad jokes. After gaining an impressive score, they taught us to succeed whilst having fun as you do so.


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  • Hazel & Lisa (Stepsies):

Hazel and Lisa taught us that, unlike in fairy tales, stepmums don’t have to be evil. In fact, Hazel says that they are “actually more like sisters.” When Lisa’s dad passed away, it brought her closer to her “stepie.” The two are constantly laughing and they even dress alike. 


  • Chris & Cookie (Dads):

Chris and Cookie taught us that men shouldn’t be ashamed to wear their heart on their sleeve. When we first met Cookie, he teared up because he missed his kids. “I don’t shy away from being emotional,” he said. “It’s just part of who we are … as people.” The men are unafraid to show their passion for family and food on “My Kitchen Rules.” 


  • Tim & Dee (Happily Married):

Tim deserves the ‘Husband of the Competition’ award. He taught us how to patiently deal with loud, demanding, bossy, vocal perfectionists – like his wife. Tim did not once retaliate to Dee’s countless cooking orders. He even said, “I really value her opinion to tell me weather I’m doing it right or wrong.”

It will soon be time to watch the bottom two contestants from each group battle it out again. Bring on the final round of Instant Restaurants at “My Kitchen Rules” on Channel 7 at 7:30 p.m. tonight!