Season 7 of My Kitchen Rules (MKR) continues. The second round of Instant Restaurants ended last night. We’ve already looked at what the round one contestants taught us. But what did the second group of MKR contestants teach us?

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  1. Alex & Gareth (Miners):

    Alex and Gareth taught us to stand up for what’s right. They judged and scored their competitors fairly, even when they were at the bottom of the leader-board. They also ensured that fellow contestants didn’t get away with rudeness and hypocrisy. Alex told Jessica, “I really hope that your food tastes better than your attitude,” and Gareth was the first to point out that her menu was “contradicting everything she said.”

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2. Luciano and Martino (Italianos):

Luciano and Martino taught us to be proud of our heritage. Theirs is Italian, and they pulled off a traditional menu. Although Luciano was born in Australia, he has clearly taken the time to learn about his background. Martino made the pair’s cooking aim clear when he said, in his thick accent, “Everyone knows the classics…But there’s so much more of Italy that we’re going to show.”

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  1. Tasia & Gracia (Sisters): Concerned about other people’s taste buds, Tasia and Gracia were nervous about putting too much chili into their entree. But when the judges asked them to do it the way they do it, the way traditional to their country, the sisters took on the constructive criticism. “This time, we’ll just stick to the original version,” Tasia said as she added more and more chili to their main. “If they want spicy, they’ll get spicy.” The girls were rewarded when the judges called their authentic sauce “sensational.” They taught us how to embrace feedback and learn from our mistakes.

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4. JP & Nelly (Lovebirds):

These sweethearts reminded us to treat our loved one like royalty. They constantly say “I love you” to each other and even remember to flirt, like when Nelly told JP, “It’s looking delicious, and so are you.” They also praise each other for doing impressive things. When Nelly came up with a clever solution to their stressful crème brûlée disaster, JP called her a “genius” and said, “I could not be prouder to say ‘she’s my girl’.”

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5. Nev & Kell (Battlers):

Nev and Kell taught us that passion will get you over the line. As they sat at the bottom of the leader-board, rooting for them was easy because their love for food is undeniable. On the night of their Instant Restaurant, Nev explained how much he had been studying: “I’ve been reading cook-books, about ingredients and how to do it all. If I would’ve studied like this in school, who knows where I would’ve been!” The typical Aussie bloke described being on MKR as “a dream come true.”

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6. Jessica & Marcos (Fit Friends):

This team taught us that females can be in charge. Throughout the competition, Jessica was far more vocal than her male teammate, unafraid to speak her mind and be direct. But her leadership skills really shone when it was their turn to cook. Calling herself “a control freak” and “a drill sergeant”, Jessica was a BOSS in the kitchen, ordering Marcos to mince the mushrooms properly, punch the zucchini, multi-task, and hurry up.

Next we meet Colin’s secret group of contestants. Don’t miss the third round of Instant Restaurants on Channel 7 at 7:30 p.m. tonight.