Season 7 of My Kitchen Rules (MKR) is well underway, with round one of Instant Restaurants officially completed. As the competition continues, let’s take a moment to reflect on what the first group of MKR contestants have taught us.

  1. Monique & Sarah (Cops):

Monique and Sarah daily counsel youth and deal with domestic violence acts. But, despite the difficult nature of their work, the pair still manage to have a laugh! They taught us that it’s possible to take the time to follow your passion, have tons of fun with your bestie, and act like a 13-year-old around your celebrity crush, even though everyday life is a challenge.

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  1. Mitch & Laura (Brother & Sister):

At ages 20 (Mitch) and 18 (Laura), this beach-haired duo scored an impressive 89 at their instant restaurant. As the youngest team in MKR history, the pair taught us that you shouldn’t doubt yourself because of your age. As Laura said: “We might be really young, but we take our food very seriously!”

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  1. Cheryl & Matt (Cougar & Cub):

When we first met Cheryl and Matt there was much speculation about the nature of their relationship, with some teams assuming that they were mother and son. But Matt quickly made it clear, telling fellow contestants: “We’re dating!” Matt’s 26. Cheryl is 50. She said: “I am a cougar, and proud of it!” The fun-loving couple taught us to never be ashamed of being eccentric.

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  1. Rosie & Paige (Best Mates):

Rosie and Paige have been besties for ten years. Taking their love for cooking to the public eye, the bubbly blonde babes taught us that you should share amazing life experiences with your best friend. During their instant restaurant, Paige said: “We’re gonna start the night as best friends, and we’re gonna finish the night as best friends. Because if your bestie hasn’t got your back, what’s the point?”

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  1. Anna & Jordan (Mother & Son):

Gone are the days of young men thinking they’re too cool for a cuddle with their mother. Jordan gave us a valuable reminder each night to love and appreciate your mum! The super-sweet contestant constantly kisses his mum on the cheek, and during their instant restaurant he told her: “I’m proud of you, mama.”

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  1. Gianni & Zana (Married Lawyers):

Zana responded to the Cop’s menu with: “I would do something more challenging,” described an almost-perfect dessert as “a letdown,” and consistently finished meals with the statement “I can do better.” But, much to everyone’s disappointment, Zana can cook. This team said they could “beat anyone in MKR”…and they did. The couple taught us to exude confidence. If you can walk the walk, don’t be afraid to talk the talk!

Bring on the second round of Instant Restaurants, Channel 7 at 7:30pm tonight.

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