Following their kitchen disaster yesterday, when neither their mains nor their dessert appealed to the judges, contestants Rosie and Paige were in tears. Did they quit Channel 7’s “My Kitchen Rules?” Not yet. They are here to give their best and will leave “My Kitchen Rules” only if they are eliminated.

Adelaide’s besties Rosie and Paige did a “Big Love Grub” instant restaurant. Their entrée of lamb backstrap with pickled beetroot and chive crème fraiche was not everybody’s favourite. Still, it was the most drama-free dish of the day. reveals that not everyone was a fan of the pickled red root, especially Zana, who made her usual frown face.

According to Yahoo AU, judges Manu Feildel and Pete Evans felt that it lacked the “wow” factor. “When I think about Rosie and Paige, I think about fun, joyous home cooking, full of flavour. I didn’t get it on this plate,” said Evans. Despite the criticism, things were fine so far.

It was from here that things went downhill till the end of the dessert. For starters, the team did not manage their work properly. They wasted a lot of time shelling peas. They overcooked their carrots. What’s more, they suddenly found that they do not have enough pastry for their main dish of chicken leek and zucchini pie with mushy minted peas, informs

They served their main dish after a whopping 2-hour wait which did not save the dish and which the judges criticised as tasting like baby food. “When the pie was placed in front of me, I was very excited. You’ve done a great job with it (the pastry); it puffed really well. I felt like the filing was a little like baby food because everything’s been chopped too small,” Feildel said according to Sunshine Coast Daily.

The criticism got to Rosie and Paige. The hope of hitting a sweet spot with the dessert was the only thing that kept them going. Their dessert was grandma’s gingerbread with rum and raisin ice cream. The gingerbread ended out to be a cake, and rum and raisin ice cream lacked both rum and raisins. This Adelaide team ended up scoring a 59, placing them just above the least scoring team of Cheryl and Matt who have 31 points.

“My Kitchen Rules” is a famous show by channel 7. ANN reports that the show garnered top viewer ratings across five metro cities in Australia.