“My Kitchen Rules” 2016 brought the season’s contestants away from the comforts of a modern kitchen. Who among the remaining pairs stood up to the challenge?

The contestants’ cook-off was at Sydney’s Cockatoo Island for episode 29, News.com.au reported. Their challenge was to cook for 100 fishermen and their families.

The website provided a recap of the show’s outcome.

For their crispy-skinned salmon with asparagus, Carmine and Lauren won the approval of their diners. The judges noted that it was cooked “beautifully”.

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For their dish, Carmine and Lauren won the “people’s choice” award. So, they are safe for the upcoming elimination rounds.

Unfortunately, the others didn’t do so well. For their dishes, Alex and Gareth along with JP and Nelly will face off in a sudden death challenge.

The judges’ noted that Alex and Gareth served some diners with raw fish. Hence, their crispy-skinned barramundi with Asian beans and noodle salad fell short of the expectations.

JP and Nelly served herb-crusted tuna with tomato and bocconcini salad. The judges said it was okay. However, given the level of competition they were told, “An okay dish at the moment is not great”.

The Sydney Morning Herald reported about the other activities of episode 29 on “My Kitchen Rules”.

The website noted the absence of Rosie and Page. However, it did not specify the reason behind it.

The offsite location may have been too much for Zana. She was already uneasy with the sewage in the ocean. However, she got more upset as a flock of seagulls starts to interrupt their prep work.

The website noted how Zana ranted about the diseases carried by birds.

A separate report from News.com.au revealed contestants’ health problems. “The stress of competing, long working days and sleep deprivation meant many of the contestants were run down at varying stages of filming,” Nelly Riggio told the website.

“I know Lauren was really sick for a while and Alex nearly got pneumonia but that’s what happens when your immune system is down and you are working so hard,” Riggio added.