“My Kitchen Rules” might have to say goodbye to siblings Mitch and Laura. The show’s recent episode could end their culinary dreams while Zana had a disgusting discovery.

The siblings served up a three-course meal last Sunday, Mail Online reported. Their menu was impressive from the start as the judges praised their two entrées. The first starter was a goat’s cheese fondant with roast beetroot and port figs. The second starter was a caramelised onion broth with truffle French toast.

Judge Pete Evans remarked that it was a good way to start the meal. Manu Feidel declared it was an “explosion of flavour.” However, their main dishes did not fare as well. They served lamb sweetbread with charred cauliflower and hazelnuts. The second dish was beetroot risotto with pan-roasted pheasant.

Evans pointed out Mitch and Laura’s failure to employ the proper techniques. He noted that the sweetbreads were a “little bit dense” to eat. Meanwhile, Feidel praised the risotto. However, he cast doubt on the pairs’ decision to remove the skin and fat. Feidel also commented on the bird’s dryness and the risotto’s slight crunch.

The judges’ comments might not be as terrible as Zana’s outbursts, Mail Online reported in a separate article.

At first, her husband Gianni found hairs in his entrée. The camera caught the look of horror on Zana’s face. However, she said she could handle it since it was not on her plate. Things would soon change when the 25-year-old lawyer found hair strands in two dishes served to her.

“I don’t know how I can critique food when there is hair in it, in three courses. Like do I score it a one because I can’t eat it? How do I critique that?” Zana asked. The publication also noted the offsite location might have overwhelmed Zana again. Fans will recall how upset she was with the sewage and seagulls at Sydney’s Cockatoo Island.

Recently, Zana and Gianni made it to the top five of “My Kitchen Rules” along with Mitch and Laura.