The latest episode of “My Kitchen Rules” saw the teams heading to 4Fourteen. The challenge was to create a dish worthy of a place on the menu of Colin Fassnidge’s restaurant.

The sibling team of Tasia and Gracia gave close competition to mother-son duo of Anna and Jordan with their pan roasted duck with turnips, apple and miso, informs However, it was the unlikely dish cooked by the Wanneroo team of charred harissa octopus with duck fat potatoes and kale that bowled everyone over.

The only negative feedback about the dish was the overpowering miso. “The duck’s cooked pink. Very well balanced dish,” said Fassnidge. “If anything, I’d say a negative was there is a lot of miso on there which can sort of overpower it,” he added.

However, it is not everyday that one gets to eat charred octopus combined with kale juice. The strange pairing even made judge Pete Evans sceptical about the dish. However, when “My Kitchen Rules” judges tried this unique combo with duck fat potatoes, they were spellbound. “When I saw you juicing the kale I was like, ‘Is he gonna have that as a drink just to get him through the next hour and a half?’” revealed Evans.

“And then I saw that juice go on the plate. And I thought, ‘Oh no, they’ve killed the dish’. And I gotta say, I was completely wrong, because it made the dish. I loved that dish. Loved it. It was spot on,” he added.

However, Yahoo News reports that not all the teams could please the judges. For instance, Gianni and Zana were criticised by the judges for not de-boning their trout before serving it. On the other hand, Carmine and Lauren Finelli drew flak for their balsamic glazed pork ribs while Mitch and Laura’s sous vide lamb with crispy brains and caramelised onion puree lacked the jus. Lastly, Eve and Jason’s lamb liver and onion with crispy black pudding and sweet potato became a failure as the offal was overcooked.

Finally, Anna and Jordan found a place on Colin Fassnidge’s restaurant menu.