Australia’s Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull came under pressure due to deepening political scandal.

It has been alleged that a minister of his government kissed a female diplomat in a Hong Kong Bar.

Mr. Jamie Briggs, who is married and a father of three children, was asked to resign as Federal Minister  for Cities and the Built Environment last week. He was forced to do so after a female public servant complained about his behaviour.

As reported by the The Straits Time, he kissed the complainant on the neck or cheek and told her that she had piercing eyes.

Mr. Brigg after announcing his resignation said that he believed that the night out was a casual event. However, he also accepted that his behaviour was not befitting the “high standard” required for his post, reported Australia Network.

He said, “at the conclusion of the dinner (which I paid for personally) we went to a popular and as it transpired very crowded bar for drinks during which we interacted between three of us and with others in what I believed, at the time, was an informal manner.”

After that, he added,  the lady public servant left to return home while he and his chief of staff went to their hotel. He emphasized that nothing illegal had occurred. He also apologized to the public servant.

The controversy, on the other hand, has worsened in the recent days. The reason behind it is the report, which said that Mr. Brigg had sent a photo from the night club to his colleagues. According to The Straits Time the controversy took a different turn when that photo appeared in the newspapers.

Immigration Minister, Peter Dutton added fuel to the controversy by describing a female journalist as “mad f_cking witch” in a text message. It was Mr. Dutton’s bad luck that he accidentally texted the message to the journalist herself.

Although,  Mr. Dutton apologised to the journalist and she said that she was not offended, the government was further criticised by the opposition.

While opposition wants Mr. Turnbull to take action against Mr. Dutton, the journalist, Maiden opined that the incident should not affect his career.