It looks like things will be heating up “soon,” when Channel Seven brings out its new television series, “Kiss Bang Love,” which is believed to be based on quite an exciting premise.

The channel has revealed a sneak peek into one of its upcoming programs which give us a glimpse into what the show will bring. According to Pedestrian, the format surrounding this “heteronormative relationship experiment” is quite simple and involves blindfolding one person and introducing them to a complete stranger who also happens to be blindfolded. Why do you ask? For a “hot pash.”

This works on the idea that merely kissing someone can lead to people recognising whom they would want to date and even begin a relationship with. The promo begins with the question: “A kiss, is it the key to true love?” and continues with “Science says it could be and now, we are going to find out.” The camera then moves to a beautiful girl who happens to be blindfolded and the viewer is informed that she will be kissing twelve complete strangers and will be “judging love” – “just by the kiss.” And if you have been wondering what all this will lead to, the promo teases that the “results will astound you.”

And if this has got you interested, you may have to wait before “Kiss Bang Love” hits airwaves since the channels say the show will be making its way to the public “soon.” Reportedly, the show should premiere before the end of the year. Naturally, folks in Australia will continue to get their annual dose of their favourite dating shows such as the Ten’s “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette,” and that of Nine’s “Married at First Sight,” as noted at

Keep coming back for more details, rumours and speculations about “Kiss Bang Love.”