Channel 7 has debuted its dating reality show “Kiss Bang Love” on Tuesday night. On the show, Lisa, the single lady, chooses Ryan the plumber out of 12 guys. The 28-year-old is now off to Noosa on a holiday with Ryan, who appears to be completely ignorant about most things. How will Lisa’s luck turn out? We could only wonder.

The story in brief is below:

Lisa works in a bar and likes to recreate Roxy ads during her leisure time. The most awkward dating show started with blindfolded Lisa kissing 12 guys who are also blindfolded. The chick has to choose five out of them on the basis of their kissing style. In short, one needs to master the skill to win the babe’s heart. Lisa makes out with the remaining five but this time, without anything in between, not even a blindfold.

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News reports that after a quick pathology test to exclude any new acquisitions of HSV-1, the female picks up two of the men to go on separate “overnight” dates. Lisa chooses Jaxon and Ryan. Jaxon, 24, is an electrician and a boy wizard. Meanwhile, Ryan is a dashing plumber. The single lady actually knows Ryan in the real world.  Jaxon took her to a vineyard where Lisa possibly experiences one of the weirdest romantic dates ever. In Ryan’s case, the date seems to be okay, as it takes place in a Japanese restaurant in Melbourne. Another stroppy moment comes for Lisa when she finds out that Ryan is miles away from her level of cultural exposures. He has no idea about Japanese food, chopsticks and Route 66 in America. However, hats off to Lisa’s optimism as she believes that Ryan’s ignorance won’t hinder their connection.

Afterward, Lisa meets both at the airport and considers just one of them to go on a holiday with. It is a really awkward moment for the one who gets dumped in front of everyone in the Virgin lounge. Lisa goes for Ryan, and Jaxon has to leave empty handed.

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Ryan’s biggest revelations are when he discovers they’re being sent to Noosa to spend some quality time with each other.

He laughingly admits, “I don’t know where that is, no.”

How things will shape up between Lisa and Ryan in Noosa will be known next week.

Kiss Bang Love airs on Tuesday night on Seven.