It is the moment of truth. Has the hype helped “Kiss Bang Love” deliver on ratings? Or have the viewers panned this social experiment?

Unfortunately, the show has not been able to defeat “MasterChef Australia” or any of the news shows in its two-episode run on the television screens. Many now wonder if “Kiss Bang Love” is just the worst reality show ever.

Around 513,000 viewers turned up to watch the season premiere of the controversial dating show “Kiss Bang Love.” However, the show has not quite appealed to its viewers as the second episode clocked in only 446,000 in TV audience, states Daily Mail. That is a drop of 67,000 viewers. It is significant because these are the ratings for just the first two episodes.

In contrast, “MasterChef Australia” has been garnering more than a million in TV audience and the May 31 episode got 1.105 in total TV viewership. According to, shows like “Married at First Sight” and “Seven Year Switch” too attracted a better number in average viewership. It was 905,000 and 828,000 for the shows, respectively.

According to Tiffany Dunk of the Telegraph, “Kiss Bang Love” is the worst reality show ever. In one of her earlier articles on the show, she states that while the idea of it may sound less offensive, the reality is different.

“It’s essentially just watching people making out for half an hour with the only pause being for the single girl to get make-up touch ups after every pash,” said Dunk about the show. “Which is weird in itself — everybody’s blindfolded, so it’s not like they can see her anyway,” she added.

While the show has got her to turn off her TV, it only goes to prove that viewers dig some drama and real emotions after all. All these things are currently not there in the show.