“Kiss Bang Love “aired its second episode on Tuesday night, and this time, it’s a man who kissed 12 women in the hope of finding love.  At the end of the show, our bachelor boy Geordie happily chose his childhood friend Shana over his secret admirer (not so secret) Cass.

Here goes the story in brief.

Geordie, 26, a chippie and farmer, was cast as the most eligible bachelor on the May 31 episode. The camera started rolling with a blindfolded Geordie anonymously kissing a line-up of ladies to select his partner.

It’s the same drill as last week. He whittles the 12 females down to five and then the final two got selected from those five. Later, the man went on two separate 24-hour dates.

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From the list, there was a girl called Cass who managed to catch everyone’s attention on the show.

News reveals that she is not a random woman whom Geordie kissed. Cass, 28, works in retail. She met him on Tinder a few days ago but they “lost touch.”  It looks like she has been stalking him since. Now, with the help of Geordie’s brother and best mate, she got a chance to appear on the weird dating show to win her man’s heart.

A desperately-in-love Cass conveyed, “I want Geordie back. I still think about him, so maybe he still thinks about me.” On the contrary, Geordie seemed absolutely uninterested in her.The game ended for the cute stalker, with Geordie bidding her a goodbye during selection. A heartbreaking moment for Cass, we assume.

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His list shrunk to two including Bronwen and Shana. Shana Louise, another passionate kisser, attended high school with Geordie. In short, these two were not completely unknown to each other.

After the 24-hour dates emerged the climax of the show: two girls waiting at the airport to hear Geordie’s final verdict. Our single man moved ahead with Shana, thus ditching Bronwen. In the end, they set out for a holiday to Noosa, Queensland (the producer’s favorite spot).

To follow more stories like this, stay tuned to “Kiss Bang Love” airing on Tuesday night on Channel 7.