Recent news on “Kingdom Hearts 3” reveal that its trailer release date would be on June 14. Rumors say that “Star Wars” might feature in the game.

“Kingdom Hearts 3” is one game that fans would love to see in the next Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) which is just a few days away. Developer Square Enix will be featuring new worlds that are included in the game.

No official statement has been given by Square Enix regarding the game’s update. However, rumors have been spreading that a trailer can be expected during this year’s E3 which will be from June 14 to 16. Yibada reports that Hironori Okiyama, “Kingdom Hearts: Unchained X” producer, has been giving off clues to possible worlds appearing in the game and even a possible date for its official release for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The company has not yet revealed any further details as of the moment, but they have a few worlds confirmed to appear in “Kingdom Hearts 3”.  These worlds include Mt Olympus from “Hercules”, the Kingdom of Corona from “Tangled”, and San Frantokyo from “Big Hero 6”, as per TheBitBag.

Meanwhile, fans do what they do best: theorize. Fans speculate that Disney movies “Zootopia”, “Frozen”, “Wreck-It-Ralph” and many more will possibly be featured in the game’s trailer for E3. Some fans go so far as speculating that Marvel and “Star Wars” may also appear as a new world for the game.

Also mentioned in Yibada, game co-director Tai Yasue mentioned that bringing Marvel and “Star Wars” into “Kingdom Hearts” is not entirely impossible. However it will entail a lot of certain procedures to gain licenses from both companies, even if they are owned by Disney.

Square Enix released its roster for the fiscal year including: “Final Fantasy XV”, “Deus Ex: Mankind Divided”, “Rise of the Tomb Raider”, “World of Final Fantasy”, and “Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue”. Unfortunately, “Kingdom Hearts 3” did not make it to the list.

“Kingdom Hearts 3” is projected to be released by April 2017.