The recent incident of a six-year-old boy finding crystal meth in a pack of Kinder Surprise may further justify this. But, the United States has long banned Kinder Surprise eggs. One may wonder if Australia will take a legal step against the Italian brand.

An import alert was issued for Kinder eggs earlier in 2016.

According to the import alert, Kinder eggs are considered “non-nutritive objects.” “ The imbedded non-nutritive objects in these confectionary products may pose a public health risk as the consumer may unknowingly choke on the object,” the alert says.

The kid was playing with his eight-year-old brother by the side of the road in Limavady, an area of Belfast in Ireland. It was at that moment when he opened the yellow shell from inside the chocolate.

Inside the pack, there was supposed to be a surprise toy for the boy. However, instead, he pulled out a small bag of white powder, says the Daily Mail.

The boy gave the pouch to his father, who then handed it over to the police.

It is becoming evident that drug peddlers in Northern Ireland are implementing increasingly uncanny steps to conceal Class A narcotics such as meth.

According to Inspector Colin Shaw of Northern Ireland, there was a “small quantity” of meth inside the pouch. He said that police would dispose it.

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Shaw stated that he is also a father of a child and he knows how attractive Kinder Eggs and their contents are to children.

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He believes that this situation must set an example as to why children are to be commended for passing strange contents to their parents.

According to the Argentina Independent, Chile too has banned Kinder Surprise eggs to fight obesity. It is, however, legal in Australia. It’ll worth waiting to see if there’s any legal step is taken to ban it in Australia as well.