Good Morning Britain host Pier Morgan has criticised reality TV star and mother of two Kim Kardashian. In an effort to “break the Internet” again, Kim K’s recent nude selfie led to primary school antics.

Morgan labelled Kardashian as “desperate” and “frenzied”. According to The Mirror, Morgan claims she looks beautiful in the picture. He even points out that “it’s her body she can selfie all she likes.” However, he raises the suspicion of desperation and jealousy.

“It’s hard to escape the creeping suspicion that this new frenzied and frankly rather desperate attempt to ‘break the internet’ is happening because other younger members of her family have been grabbing all the scantily-clad attention recently, notably half-sister 20-year-old Kendall ‘Instagram Queen’ Jenner,” he said.

Morgan’s comments followed a Twitter run-in he had with Kardashian the night the photo was uploaded. On Monday morning, Morgan joked about buying the reality star clothes as Kanye is rumoured to be bankrupt. Kardashian hit back through Twitter.

Morgan, receiving Kardashian’s tweet on air, retorted saying, “I’m pretty sure Kanye has seized Kim’s phone”.

The Sydney Morning Herald covered the ranting exchanges between Kardashian and other celebrities. Morgan wasn’t the only one to comment on the recent selfie. Bette Midler and Chloe Moretz also had their turns.

Midler starts off with a joke about Kardashian needing to swallow a camera for the public to see “something new”.

Kardashian fires back, but not only at Midler. Moretz joined the conversation and fired no “slut shaming” comments at Kardashian. Moretz simply remarks on how influential Kardashian is with the public today. She reminded the reality star how that comes with a responsibility. Kardashian then fired back at Moretz.

Kardashian ends the war by reposting the nude selfie that started it all. “Happy #International Women’s Day”, the star tweets.