Kim Kardashian mourns the death of her twin. This news surprised everyone because the public has seen every one of her family members on the reality show “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”.

Did they hide Kim’s twin for being less attractive? Or was she too sick to stand up against the spotlight?

KUWTK fans need not worry. Rest assured that all her family members are alive and accounted for. The recent condolence sent out by the reality star was for one of her well-known impersonators, Kim Tripp or mini Kim.

Mail Online reported Kim’s tribute to her mini impersonator. The reality star sent her condolences to mini Kim’s loved ones via Twitter.

TMZ reported the death of mini Kim earlier. The impersonator of Kim Kardashian worked at Beacher’s Madhouse in Nevada and Los Angeles. Her partner from the show and in real life, Ricky Sells Jr. or mini Kanye West, discovered her on the front porch of her apartment early Sunday morning.

The two were dating, TMZ noted. In 2014, mini Kanye and mini Kim also tied the knot in a fake wedding for their show.

Beacher’s told TMZ that Tripp appeared healthy as of Saturday. To date, authorities have yet to rule out foul play in the issue. However, her medical condition of dwarfism may also be a factor, the website mentioned.

Her stature as a reality star has earned her numerous fans. Many of whom want to look like her. Kim recently tweeted a pic of herself with yet another lookalike. This time around, fans will certainly take a second look to figure out who’s who.

HollywoodLife revealed Kim’s best doppelganger to date as Kamilla Osman. The website revealed that Osman would make an appearance on KUWTK.

Kim is reportedly going through a stress-eating period after giving birth to her second child with West.

However, her recent nude selfie shows no indication of overeating or post pregnancy weight.